A trader
Mysterious "traders" vanished in the Fall of 2006 in the city called, Old Haven (Ocllo on Siege Perilous). Blackrock was turned in for random rewards. Simply drop the blackrock on the trader and a reward will appear in your backpack. The blackrock must be dropped on the Trader and then you can look in your backpack and that is where the reward will be located. The trader will then, recall away/excuse himself after accepting 5 or more pieces of Blackrock.

Since Blackrock was being collected, there was an explosion which caused every single Trader to disappear and this is what had lead to the land of New Haven.


You will get three awards for collecting blackrock out of the three types that are listed below:

  • Original: These are labeled as "a piece of blackrock". This is the most rare and highest reward of the sorts of Blackrock which you can find at the Blackrock Pillar.
  • Mined: These are found in the Sosarian Mines in small quantities which are dug up by miners. Known as "A Small Piece of Blackrock"
  • Large pieces: These are common and are given the least reward and are labeled as "A Large Piece of Blackrock".



Minor ArtifactsEdit

Major ArtifactsEdit


Trader map

There are red dots marked above where the 23 locations are known for them to spawn, multiple are able to appear at the same spawning area or 5 different locations altogether.

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