The Academy, Ultima IV

The Academy of Serpent's Hold is a practice grounds for the students of the keep to train themselves in the art of combat. Although this facility only appears in the time of Ultima IV and was later removed from the castle, the tradition of martial training at the keep of Courage far outlasted it, and its spirit continued with institutions such as the Salle de Loubet.


The Academy consisted of a large gymnasium which took up a significant portion of the original Serpent's Hold. Padded with protective matting, and decorated with murals of men in battle, the expansive room was overseen by Master Shyra, who instructed her pupils in the ways of Courage.[1]

Eventually, once the Stranger had attained partial Avatarhood in all of the Eight Virtues, the Lady Tessa would tell the hero that she had secreted the Mystic Arms within the halls of the Academy, and the aspiring Avatar was thus able to obtain them before braving the Abyss.[2]


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