Addom, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Addom is a wandering merchant who travels through the world in search of curiosities and rare items to sell to museums. During the Avatar's adventures in Ultima VII he can be found in Moonglow.


Husband to Penni of Yew, Addom learned much from the huntress about the art of surviving on the road, and the well-weathered traveler claimed that he had seen enough to leave him unafraid of what the wilds had to offer. A collector of exotic artifacts, Addom had supplied the nearby Lycaeum and Britain's distant Music Hall with a number of his finds, and he had come to Verity Isle in the hopes of selling a unique crystal he had uncovered near Jhelom.[1]

Having been in the city for but a short time, Addom knew little of the inhabitants outside of Nelson, the Lycaeum's director. While he had some dealings with the local gossip and barkeep, Phearcy of the Friendly Knave, the peddler had proven unwilling to satisfy the tavernkeeper's desire to pry regarding Zelda's infatuations, and recommended that the hero might wish to investigate the matter should they be in need of a free meal. Addom had also struck up a friendship with the local healer, Elad, and was lodging at his home in exchange for entertaining the man with stories of his travels.[2]

The crystal which Addom had brought to Moonglow in search of a buyer was rejected by the Lycaeum, although after speaking with the head of the Observatory, Brion, the Avatar could learn that just such a crystal was needed to make a miniature orrery viewer to track the approach of the Astronomical Alignment. If desirous of such an artifact, the hero could purchase this component from Addom for twenty pieces of gold.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Addom appears to have been a major contributor to Anton's Key to the Black Gate, and wrote an extensive catalog regarding various dungeons and far-flung locations on behalf of the young scholar. In his writings, Addom reveals that he has traveled as far as Ambrosia, and relates numerous stories and anecdotes regarding his journeys in the realm. He is hesitant to mention his endeavors in Hythloth, however, as he lost a dear friend and fellow traveler in its exploration.[4]
  • Rankin will insinuate Addom is responsible for Balayna's death should she be poisoned, and while the Avatar is not able to confront him about this, the hero may opt to slay him, earning Rankin's approval.[5]
  • The Avatar may bring news of Addom to Penni, informing him that he is well and thereby relieving some of her worries she carries while they live apart together. Alternatively, should Addom have been slain on account of Rankin's accusations, the Avatar may bring news of his death to her, causing Penni obvious distress.[6]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Addom requires one-hundred pieces of gold in exchange for the crystal needed to finishe Brion's telescope.[7]


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