Adreanna, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Destard

Adreanna is a dead woman from the village of Dawn in Ultima IX.

The Avatar found her spirit haunting the dungeon Destard. She and a party of warriors had tried to kill Talornia when she'd attacked their village, but thanks to treachery, they were all killed and their souls bound to the dungeon as long as Talornia lived. She told the rest of the story of Dawn, before urging the Avatar to kill the Dragon and find out what had happened to her beloved Darim. Adreanna also told the Avatar that five pieces of a magic eggshell were required to reach Talornia.

However, the Avatar could only give her the news that Darim had been killed, showing her his journal. She knew now that she and Darim would meet beyond, and gave the Avatar the last key to reach Talornia. After the dragon was slain, Adreanna escaped to the void, finally at peace.

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