Viscount Ahrmaand
Viscount Ahrmaand, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Cove

Viscount Ahrmaand is the mayor of Cove in Ultima VI.

Ahrmaand was a friendly man proud to be serving the people of Cove. He was quick to tell the Avatar about the fate of Gertan's assault on the Shrine of Compassion, and the fate of the survivors. Ahrmaand was quite familiar with the shrines, and was proud to be mayor of a town near the Shrine of Compassion. He reminded the Avatar of the force that used to block entry to the shrines in Ultima IV, and suggested that using a shrine's rune along with the appropriate mantra might allow the Avatar to break the Gargoyles' shield that blocked the shrines. Ahrmaand directed the Avatar to seek out Lord Tholden in Britain in order to locate the rune of compassion.

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