Aiela, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Aiela is the princess of the Kurak Tribe on Eodon, and is the daughter of Aloron.

The Avatar had dreams of her for some time, before being drawn to Eodon in Savage Empire. He (the Avatar is male is this game) rescued Aiela from a raging dinosaur, befriending her. Aiela told him about Eodon, and developed a crush on him right away. However, Aiela's unwanted suitor, Darden the Huge from the Urali Tribe then kidnapped her, defeating the Avatar in a duel. Darden put her into a prison and tried to buy her love with a huge gem, but she was only disgusted by this.

Refusing to rest, the Avatar went to rescue Aiela from Darden's prison. On their second confrontation, he killed Darden. Aiela was very thankful and promised to accompany the Avatar everywhere, providing much assistance during the whole quest. Indeed, the gem that Darden had given her was the Kotl Gem, the key to finding the underground city of the ancient Kotl. It was also Aiela who first gave the Avatar the idea that a united force of all the tribes was needed to rise up against the Myrmidex.

However, the Avatar knew he had to leave Eodon after finishing the quest. Aiela cried in sadness over this when the time came, but there was little choice, as she couldn't come with him.

Lore Edit

She didn't have the pouty, perfect features preferred by modelling agencies, but oh, she was beautiful. Her brown eyes were alert, and there was intelligence and concentration in them. Her lips, slightly parted, carried no expression, but looked as though they were made to curl into a heart-rending, happy smile. Her dark hair was a wild, tumbling mass -- a look natural and effortless for her, and which a thousand hair stylists could never duplicate. She had the balanced and confident step of an athlete. She was a jungle cat reincarnated as a woman.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

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A tearful parting...

  • Aiela is probably one of these instances of "Sex Sells;" her very sparse clothing and prominent curves are the center of attention of the game box and all cut scenes she is in.

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