Aimi, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Empath Abbey

Aimi is a female monk living in Empath Abbey in Ultima VII.

Aimi told the Avatar that it was her duty to make the wine from the grapes that grew around Empath Abbey. She further told the Avatar that she had two hobbies: painting and gardening. However, she wasn't a very good artist, as she openly admitted, but had managed to buy an original Sterling that hung on the wall in her room. Her second hobby however, was much more successful than the first.

She had a garden full of the most beautiful flowers; flowers she'd only sell at special occasions. When the Avatar requested flowers for the grave of Reyna's mother, she was willing to part with a bouquet for the fair price of 10 gold pieces.

When asked about Kreg she said she'd never heard of him before.

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