Air Walk
Air walk
School: Theurgy
Words of Power: WAS HUR POR
Focus: Wings
Mana cost: 15

Calling on the winds to temporarily get assistance, the Theurgist can jump much farther with the spell Air Walk. The jumping distance is easily doubled, although one has to be careful where to jump to. However, the spell can only be granted by Stratos herself after the first audience. Without the spell it is not possible to again enter her domain at all.

Note that without this spell, it is also impossible to enter Daemon's Crag.


By means of this invocation, the Theurgist is capable of jumping a great distance with the aid of the surrounding Air. I am told that this is cast the first time without a focus, when the Theurgist leaps to Windy Point to speak with Stratos.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

The Air Walk spell is the most highly valued spell a Theurgist can learn, for it is only through the use of this spell that a Theurgist can reach Stratos and hear the Mystic Voice. When this spell is cast, the Theurgist is capable of jumping quite a great distance with the aid of the surrounding air. It is interesting to note, that the first time a Theurgist experiences this spell is when he has completed the Tests and seeks Stratos for the first time. If Stratos is pleased with the Theurgist, then she will grant the spell without the use of a Focus. From that point on, however, the Theurgist must have the Focus representing wings to cast this spell. Words of power must also be spoken. For this spell those words are 'Vas Hur Por.'

- from Spellbooks of Theurgy (Ultima VIII)

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