Alara, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Minoc

Alara is a gypsy woman and the wife of Laszlo, the Rom Baro. She is encamped near Minoc.

In Ultima IX, Alara begged the Avatar to give her a healing potion to help her in her old age, citing that the woman who had formerly offered healing and assistance to her had left the city. When the hero complied, Alara begged for another potion, so she might have one to sell.[1] This act of greed was likely a result of the influence of the local pillar, which had corrupted the virtue of Sacrifice.

After being given a second potion, Alara revealed that it was Julia whom had formerly been helping her, and that she had taken to living in a cave by a nearby waterfall.[1]

References Edit

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