Alastor Gordon
Alastor Gordon, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Trinsic

Alastor Gordon is one of the Ten Pirates of Hawkins, and has one piece of the Treasure Map of Hawkins, which is needed in Ultima VI.

Gordon decided to become an honest man after killing Hawkins, so he moved to Trinsic and named himself Whitesaber. After many years, he had even managed to become the mayor of Trinsic! After getting a tip from Sandy, the Avatar confronted him with his past. Convincing the Avatar to keep this matter silent, and Whitesaber's Honor intact, he gave his piece of the map to the Avatar.

In his function as the mayor of Trinsic, he told the Avatar the Mantra of Honor and why the Rune of Honor was easy to take.

Easter EggEdit

This may be a hint towards Bing Gordon of Electronic Arts.

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