Altomar, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Britain

Altomar is a mage found in Britain during Ultima IX.

The Avatar found him in front of Nico's closed reagent shop, where he told the Avatar that Nico had left for Minoc to help his brother and hadn't been heard since. Altomar feared the worst. When asking about magic in general, Altmar explained to the Avatar the new way of binding spells into a spellbook, which however currently was impossible because of the disturbed ether. He added that the situation in Moonglow was bad because the people no longer strove to lead an honest life, but only sought personal advantage.

After repairing the Shrine of Compassion, Altomar commented that binding spells was slowly becaming possible again, and after Nico returned from Minoc, he was found inside the shop browsing through the selection.

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