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Amoranth is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Rose in Ultima IX.

Meeting the Avatar in the Cathedral of Love in Britain, he told him about the destruction of Empath Abbey and the loss of the Candle of Love. He also spoke about how Serpent's Hold and the Lycaeum had been destroyed, as well as giving some general information about Britain and the Brotherhood. Apart from that, he was irrelevant to the plot.

Should the Avatar manage to retrieve the Candle, Amoranth would comment on it, but leave it with the Avatar.

Trivia Edit

  • Amoranth is probably one of the biggest victims of the drastically shrunk plot of Ultima IX. In the original Bob White Plot, Amoranth was one of the key players of the story. Being one of the leaders of Britannia, he actually led a whole army, and at the end of the story he would leave Britannia with the rest of the populace. For that reason the Cathedral of Love was built very large.

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