The Amulet of Balance is an item in Ultima VII Part Two.

It is written that this Amulet is worn by the Champion of Balance. Wearing it and then using a Serpent Gate will teleport the Avatar and the party 400 years into the past. Normally, the Amulet would need a week to charge, but with the Silver Seed planted, resulting in the Tree of Balance, the Amulet can be used at any time desired to travel into the past.

Karnax gave the Amulet to the Avatar in Ultima VII Part Two, believing it was the hero's place to be the Champion of Balance. The Avatar mastered the challenges in the past, effectively saving the world from destruction in the War of Imbalance.

Trivia Edit

  • A thing many do wrong: the Amulet has to be used, not the Serpent Gate.