Anju Sermani
Ultima III
Class: Divine
Mana: 75

Not truly a Britannian Spell, Anju Sermani was a spell from old Sosaria at the time of Ultima III. Developed by the Cult of Truth, its purpose was to return a being to life whose body had been burnt to ashes by an improperly-cast Resurrect spell. Unlike normal resurrections, burnt bodies lose their connection to the soul, which is instantly reborn and thus difficult to recall.

This spell was needed for the complicated reversal of this process, and for the restoration of the destroyed body; the Resurrect spell was and is not capable of this. To quote the The Ancient Liturgy of Truth:

Once a body hath turned to ash, the soul which once inhabited it is sent on to its next life. It therefore takes a miracle of enormous magnitude to reclaim it.
Realize first that the spirit must leave another body and another life in order to return to thee. If thou perceives that the need for the return of thy companion is so great as to be willing to give five marks of thy wisdom in sacrifice, then beseech the One who is Truth and Wisdom. Allow a tear from each of thine eyes to fall upon the ashes. As thy tears mix with the ashes, so shall they reconstitute before thee, and life shall be restored.

The price is clear: another being had to die, since that new life was robbed of the soul as it returned to the restored body. This obviously was a really brutal process, so the usage of this spell was most likely forbidden in Britannia; by Ultima VI, the Avatar is specifically told in Serpent's Hold that burnt bodies can't be returned to life.

Trivia Edit

  • Being restored from ashes reduces the wisdom of the restored character by 5 points.

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