Anton, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Anton is the apprentice of Alagner.

Alagner, in his search for proof about the Fellowship's true goals, had sent out his apprentice Anton to find out more. However, the Fellowship caught him and put him into their prison on Buccaneer's Den, where the torturer troll Grod tried to make him reveal everything he knew. However, Anton resisted, but the beatings became worse with each day.

In Ultima VII, on the quest to foil the Guardian's plans, the Avatar discovered the prison. Listening to Anton's story, the party had the option to kill Grod, and use his keys to free Anton from his prison. Anton thanked the Avatar for his rescue before leaving the dark place.

Trivia Edit


Anton writes the book

  • Anton is also credited with writing the cluebook "Key to the Black Gate", which also is a reason why he's imprisoned.
  • According to the cluebook, he also had contact with the Xorinite Wisp and the Time Lord, although both do not give any hints of these connections in the game.

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