First appearance: Ultima VII Part Two
Last appearance: Ultima Online

Fighting Arachnians in Aram-Dol's Lair

First encountered in the lair of Aram-Dol in Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle, Arachnians are among the many deadly guardians of Serpent's Fang.

In years past, by means of the blackest sorcery, the arch-liche took many of his human prisoners and fused their torsos with the bodies of Giant Spiders. Cunning and fearsome fighters, these grotesque half-breeds are known to eat their prey alive. They are also fond of shooting their foes at range with magic arrows. Thankfully, they possess a natural vulnerability to fire.

Luckily, Arachnians are rarely encountered off the Serpent Isle.

Lore Edit

This terrifying creature has the full body, head and legs of the giant spider common to our island, with the torso, head and arms of a man growing from just behind its spider-head. Speculation abounds as to the origin of these horrible hybrids; some claim the mad servants of Chaos created it in one of their endless foolish experiments, others say it was the work of a long-dead lunatic mage. Regardless of how they came to be, the Arachnian is perhaps the deadliest of all foes we face here at Serpent's Fang.

- from Denizens of the Caves (Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle)


  • It appears as though Arachnians were to be included in the cancelled Ultima X, although the shown picture is not specifically described as such. Link: Ultima X Arachnian?

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