Arbeth, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Paws

Arbeth is a spinner in Paws in Ultima VI.

Arbeth showed himself to be an accomplished spinner who was capable of creating the finest threads. He was the main supplier of thread for the clothier Marissa. A quite nervous man, he was extremely shy, and had few friends in Paws. When talking to the Avatar, he fidgeted and looked towards his feet, worried that the Avatar would hurt him. Only with great prodding was he willing to discuss the other villagers of Paws. Grison and Dorin both described Arbeth as a man scared of his own shadow. He is quite fond of the child Merideth because she once brought him cookies. Merideth also revealed to the Avatar that Arbeth is her secret friend, and that he tells her stories.

Arbeth helped the Avatar by spinning spider silk into thread, so that the weaver Charlotte of New Magincia could create silk cloth for the Avatar's hot air balloon.

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