Ariana, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Britain

Ariana is a young girl training at the Conservatory in Britain in Ultima VI. A talented young bard, she has been training since she was three years old. Her loving parents are Anya and Matt, the proprietors of The Blue Boar.

When speaking with Kenneth in Ultima VI, he described her as a talented young bard who required very little assistance in her studies. Nan revealed that Ariana was entrusted with the Rune of Compassion. Ariana however only wanted to give the Rune to the Avatar after receiving permission from her mother that it was OK to do so.

Nastassia in Ultima VII 200 years later revealed that Ariana was great-great-grandmother, who'd built the Lover's Walk, becoming the first in a long line of keepers of the Shrine of Compassion.

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