Arms of Justice
Arms of Justice
Type: Armoury
Location: Yew

Arms of Justice is an armoury that once stood in Yew, the city of Justice. This establishment, known for its varied wares and its direct link to the Resistance, a secretive and benevolent organization in the mid-Age of Enlightenment which opposes Lord Blackthorn's rule, appears during Ultima V and Ultima VI.

While visiting the 'city' of Justice, an observant visitor may take notice of the surroundings that it was not always been a scattered hamlet. Originally, it has been a harsh totalitarian walled settlement with the High Court as an instrument for the Oppression's twisted justice. However, things started to change as the draconian regime of Lord Blackthorn fell and the city became again a woodland hamlet where woodcraft and simple industry flourished.

This remained that way until the Age of Armageddon, when its people dispersed across the Deep Forest and the boundaries of the city became vague. At that time, most of the people started to abandon their home town. All that remains of the original city that once stood here are the many abandoned buildings, which are standing in the Deep Forest.

One of such building is the Arms of Justice. This was in the mid-to-late Age of Enlightenment an important and interesting armoury, where the more combat-oriented adventurers were ought to visit to buy or sell arms and armour. Its original location in the mid-Age of Enlightenment was next to the tavern The Slaughtered Lamb, but it changed its location during the Gargoyle War to a place between the shop of Lenard the tailor and the Prison.

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