Artifact Armour

Artifact Armour isn't a real armour class in Ultima IX. It is the combination of all six unique magical armour pieces in Britannia, of which each has a special power. However, it should be noted that this armour by far isn't the best protection available.

The pieces, their powers, and their locations are as follows:

  • Crown of Radiance: illuminates the surroundings. Found in dungeon Covetous.
  • Chest of the Troll: slowly heals the wearer. Found in dungeon Destard.
  • Arms of the Magi: reduces mana usage. Found on Verity Isle.
  • Gauntlets of Fury: improves attack strength. Found in Buccaneer's Den.
  • Legs of Sentri: increases jumping range. Found in lake near Trinsic.
  • Swamp Boots: protects against swamp poisoning. Found in dungeon Hythloth.
  • Boots of Levitation: allows the Avatar to walk on air. Found in Ambrosia.

Their defensive values are as follows:

Piece Defense Value
Helm of Radiance 2
Chest of the Troll 5
Arms of the Magi 3
Gauntlets of Fury 3
Leggings of Sentri 2
Swamp Boots 2
Boots of Levitation 1

Trivia Edit

  • The Arms of the Magi are also the starting equipment of the mage class.

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