The Artisan's Guild in Ultima VI


The Artist's Guild in Ultima VII

The Artisan's Guild of Minoc, also known as the Artist's Guild, appears in Ultima VI and Ultima VII. The Guild was founded upon the crafts of its artists, musicians and tinkers, attracting the finest in Britannia for members.

Established prior to the events of Ultima VI, it was headed by lutenist Selganor when the Avatar arrived seeking the Rune of Sacrifice in the effort to liberate the Shrine of Sacrifice from its gargoyle captors. The guildmaster agreed to loan the rune on the condition that the hero became a member by playing "Stones" on a set of panpipes. It was in the guildhall that the Avatar's companions Gwenno and Julia were found and happy to aid in the initiation process.

In Ultima VII, the Artist's Guild, as it was then known, was headed by Gladstone and had expanded into a much larger, distinctively cross-shaped hall in the center of Minoc. While famed for its well sought-after pieces—candelabras, clocks and glassware being notable examples—the Guild had begun experiencing dire financial hardship due to heavy taxes enforced by the Britannian Tax Council. To make matters worse, its members were also in the midst of a feud with the Fellowship after rejecting branch leader Elynor's invitation to join. This played a part in sparking a mutual refusal of the Guild having any involvement in construction of the commissioned monument for Owen, the celebrity shipwright whose vessels were fundamentally flawed in design.

Ironically, after Owen's shoddy work was exposed, Mayor Burnside tasked the Guild with creating a substitute for the cancelled statue in the city center. Guild member Xanthia was also helpful in identifying a candelabra the Avatar had found at the murder scene of gypsies Frederico and Tania, recognizing it as one she had been commissioned by the Fellowship to make.

Members Edit

Ultima VI Edit

  • Gwenno: music transcriber
  • Julia: musical instrument builder
  • Selganor: guildmaster and lutenist

Ultima VII Edit

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