Atlipacta, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Location: Nahuatla Tribe

Atlipacta is the weaponsmith of the Nahuatla Tribe in Savage Empire.

Atlipacta was unwilling to talk much about the politics of the leadership of the Nahuatla tribe. While short on conversation, she was willing to trade some of the most advanced weapons and armor in Eodon for emeralds. She was the only source of buyable weapons in the whole valley, and the only way to acquire enough obsidian swords to guarantee the support of the Yolaru Tribe.

Goods Edit

Item Cost
SE-bow Bow SE-emeraldSE-emerald
SE-arrow Arrows (x12) SE-emerald
SE-obsidian-knife Obsidian Knife SE-emerald
SE-obsidian-sword Obsidian Sword SE-emeraldSE-emeraldSE-emerald
Leathera Leather Armor SE-emeraldSE-emeraldSE-emerald
Leathersh Leather Shield SE-emerald

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