Automatons, from the Serpent Isle manual.
Variants: Bronze
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

An automaton is an animated metal machine, shaped like a human. Automata were created by the forces of Order in the War of Imbalance. These metal men were the key to winning the war. Today, the mages of Moonshade at least know how to repair a broken automaton, but only Torrissio knows how to make new ones, a procedure which requires the use of a Living Gem.

Automata may look dangerous, but usually they can be defeated easily enough; despite being made of metal, they are simply mass-produced cannon fodder. They cannot be corrupted or tortured, and are useful as servants and guards. Automata can be set to do some tasks, but fair poorly when dealing with fragile items.

They are found in Moonshade or in old Order ruins from the time of the Ophidians.

Types of Automaton Edit

There appear to be three distinct types of Automaton functioning in Serpent Isle:

1) Bronze - Suits of animated armour are the earliest of automata. They cannot speak and can barely follow orders. They are orange in colour, and cannot be reused once slain.

2) Brass - The next evolution was the brass automaton, which was smarter than the animated armour, cheaper than the iron automaton, but again can’t be reused once slain.

3) Iron - Iron automata are the latest evolution. They are stronger, smarter and more resilient. They can also be reused with the create automaton spell. The initial creation of an iron automaton is more costly in materials, mana and reagents than lesser servants.

Lords of Discipline Edit

The greatest achievement of automaton technology is the transference of human minds to automaton shell. Those who survive this transference are called the Lords of Discipline, and the intelligence of a human minds combined with the body of an iron automaton grant unsurpassed speed, strength and resilience.

There was a machine at the Temple of Discipline that allowed the transferring of minds between a human body and an automaton shell, which the Avatar uses with Petra's help.

Notable Examples Edit


There are two Automatons who deserve mention:

  • Petra, whom the Avatar meets in Moonshade. She is the only female automaton known, and later accompanied the Avatar on the quest to restore balance.
  • Isstanar, the commander of Serpent's Fang, who had his soul transferred into a metal body as well. Isstanar is a Lord of Discipline.

Trivia Edit

  • Only those followers of Order who shine in all three of their principles are selected for ‘testing’ and brought before the Order Hierophant. Only those who make the final sacrifice become unswerving, eternal servants of Order (aka the automaton Lords of Discipline).
  • Note that the ancient city of Kotl on Eodon had also discovered the secret of how to make Automatons. See Kotl-Automatons.