Avatar Armour

The Avatar Armour is only specially made for the Avatar. It is very lightweight, but sadly also doesn't offer much in the way of protection. It raises the question why the hero of Britannia has such a weak protection as standard armour.

A complete set consists of:

Piece Defense Value
Tunic 3
Arms 1
Gloves 1
Leggings 1
Boots 1

It is the starting armour in Ultima IX.


A finely woven steelcloth, the armor of the Avatar provides a meager protection against piercing weapons. When the chance is presented, this shirt should be replaced by armor that afford superior protection against spellcasting and stormy weather.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • It is truly bad armour. The player should get rid of it as soon as arriving in Britain.

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