Bailey, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Britain
Bailey is a provisioner in Britain during Ultima IX.

Description Edit

The Avatar could first encounter Bailey amongst the audience of one of mayor Aidon's speeches. If addressed, Bailey would praise Aidon's oration, implying that he was likely a supporter of the mayor's policy of removing Britain's poor and sick to Paws. Later, the shopkeeper could be found in his store, Britain Outfitter, and would converse about little save the particulars of his trade.[1]

Britain Outfitter Edit

Prices in Ultima IX were as follows: [2]

Original Version Economy Patch Version
Provisions Cost Weapons Cost Provisions Cost Weapons Cost Magic Items Cost
Bandages 10 gp Cannonball 322 gp Bandages
10 gp
200 gp
5 gp
Lantern 48gp ------- ----- Lantern
25 gp
122 gp
10 gp
Sextant 500gp ------- ----- Sextant
800 gp
Oil Flask
18 gp
Cure Potion
30 gp
Torch 4gp ------- ----- Torch
3 gp
Health Potion
54 gp
------- ----- ------- ----- Magic Bag 650 gp ------- ----- Empty Flask 3 gp


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