Baiyanda, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Gwani
Ultima VII Part Two

Baiyanda is the healer of the Gwani tribe and Mwaerno's mate.

She was met in Ultima VII Part Two, where she told the Avatar of how Gwenno had befriended her clan and taught them English, telling them of the Avatar. She revealed that while Gwenno's body was at the Gwani Death Temple, the needed Gwani Horn had been stolen by Vasculio.

She felt that magic was a corrupting influence, when talking about her job, and then explained the properties of Ice Dragon blood, the only thing that could save Neyobi's life. She gave the Avatar a bucket for the blood, saying the Yenani should know what to do with the blood, once the Avatar got it.

She was murdered by Hazard, when he slaughtered the tribe days later.

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