Located in the north-western high-plains of Eodon, the Barako Tribe is quite different from the other ones. The Barako represent a Caucasian race similar to the Europeans shortly after the ice-ages. The Barako live quite isolated, and have only little contact to the other tribes, mostly ignoring them. The one exception is the Pindiro Tribe living to the east of them, with which they are in constant arguing, often resulting in open warfare and hatred. The one memorable thing about the tribe is, that all their chiefs are traditionally female.

At the time of Savage Empire, a huge gorilla had kidnapped Halisa, the daughter of the chieftain Halawa. The Avatar had to gain entrance to their plateau and free her in order to win Halawa for uniting the tribes against the Myrmidex threat, which included setting aside their feud with the Pindiro Tribe.

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I had very little opportunity to study the Barako, a northern tribe of the valley. They are mountain-dwellers, fond of high craggy places and heavy wrapped - fur garments; a Barako warrior is considered most noble when his garments come from the fur of the ferocious cave bear common in the Barako mountains. No fools, they do most of their hunting with the simple bow, and appear to use their heavy wooden clubs only in times of emergency.
The Barako are a matriarchal society, their rulership being handed down from queen to queen. Though, other tribes of the valley appear to have had independent queens, the Barako are the only tribe to whom this appears to be the norm.
A caucasian race, the Barako are insular (they are among the most isolated tribes to be found in the valley) and aggressive, but appear to form strong family bonds. Their dialect of the common language appears to contain more of the other dialects; it is therefore likely that they hail originally from prehistoric Europe.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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