Baron Almric
Baron Almric, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld

Baron Almric is the local noble ruling over the surface colony of the Abyss on the Isle of the Avatar in Ultima Underworld. He is the father of Arial.

It was Almric, who in his grief falsely accused the Avatar of the crime of his daughter's kidnapping, (in reality it was Tyball) and sentenced Avatar to rot in the Abyss, unless Arial was found and freed. After the hero's escape from the Abyss, Almric was thankful for the rescue of Arial, and asked the Avatar for forgiveness.


  • Fans speculate he is the son or grandson of the original Almric, since the colony is roughly 50 years old.
  • He was voiced in the intro by Richard Garriott.

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