The Barrab Tribe living in south-western Eodon are clearly of east-Asian origin. Their village is built on top of a mesa, thus being secure from the various nasties outside of the village. Their current chieftain is even their shaman. They have a huge dislike of the Sakkhra Tribe and will attack any Sakkhra on sight. The root is a constant tension with the tribe since they often enter the lands of the Sakkhra.

When the Avatar visited the Barrab Tribe in Savage Empire to ask them to unite with the other clans against the Myrmidex threat, Balakai demanded from the Avatar to get a healing root for his sick son Nakai from the north, so that he could cure him of his sickness. After that was accomplished, Balakai agreed, and even put the feud with the Sakkhra on for the Avatar's bravery.

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An interesting race, the Barrab live atop a mesa on a distant corner of the lost valley. Their skin tone is somewhat yellow, and these racial factors, plus some unusual structures in their dialect of the common valley language, lead me to conclude that they originated in eastern or northeastern Asia of many centuries ago.
The Barrab live at a higher altitude than most of the valley residents. Their rulership combines both secular and mystical interests: Their chieftain is always their shaman. They are expert climbers, and my friends who have observed them in warlike situations say they prefer to climb to high altitudes and rain spears down on their prey, often utilizing the atl-atl, or spear-thrower.
They are a very polite people, as cultured in many ways as the Yolaru, but not as outgoing or tolerant of outsiders.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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