Battles, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Battles in Ultima VIII is a pirate and the bodyguard of Robin, together with Leavell. Of the three, he is the dumbest.

Battles told the Avatar in his rather limited way how they had held back the guard Syntag in the House of Games on Buccaneer's Den, allowing Robin to cheat at will. However, once it went wrong, they were forced to leave and, after a shipwreck, were stranded on New Magincia.

Battles also spoke about his companion Leavell and that he had broken more hearts than anyone else. When the Avatar mentioned Henry's locket to him, Battles remembered it, saying that the last time he'd seen it was in the tavern. This clue was crucial and the Avatar decided to ask Boris the tavernkeeper about the locket.

Later, when the Avatar had seen through Robin's dark plan, Battles attacked with the other two. In the following battle, he died.

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