Beatrice, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Anodunos

Beatrice is a Ghost haunting the ruins of the city Anodunos, held there by the Guardian's magic and her own guilt.

The Avatar met Beatrice immediately upon discovering Anodunos in Ultima Underworld II. After hearing that the hero was an enemy of the Guardian, Beatrice told her story. She had once been the ruler of Anodunos, a city-state that had enjoyed the protection of the Guardian. Far too late had they noticed that the Guardian had made them his subjects. When they had resisted, the Guardian had frozen over the entire continent, killing everyone in the process. Beatrice had died when caring for the last survivors.

Later the Avatar acquired Altara's Scepter and used it to cut the Guardian's connection to Anodunos. Finally free, Beatrice's soul escaped to the void, finally at peace.

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