Benny, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Benny is the head butler of Castle Britannia during Ultima VII. He is married to Boots and is the father of Charles and Nell.

Benny spoke of his job as the head butler, adding proudly that his family did the job for generations, mentioning his wife Boots, his son Charles, and his daughter Nell. He spoke highly of his wife's cooking and that he was responsible for the meals in the castle, offering the Avatar free service during the meals.

However, his wife added that Benny had trouble with his eyesight and his memory, telling the Avatar the story of how thanks to his weak memory he'd ruined Lord British's dinner (much to the king's dismay). She hinted that both of them would retire soon.

As mentioned by Charles in Ultima Underworld II, both of them did retire during the following year, with Charles taking over Benny's duties.

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