Beren, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Beren is a Sorcerer who has a home in both Tenebrae and Daemon's Crag. He's one of the acolytes of the Cabal. Beren is an extremely powerful sorcerer, and as a result nearly immortal. He is quite easily offended. His main occupation beside being a member of the Cabal is to be the town sorcerer of Tenebrae, a law enforcer. If someone catches someone else at attacking an innocent or stealing, they call for him. He is judge, jury and executioner at the same time, and the penalty is death by being blown apart.

The Avatar met him first in Tenebrae in Ultima VIII. Later, Beren was annoyed that the heavy rains caused by Hydros had caused some of the lava river to cool off. Spotting the Avatar, he warned not to enter the enclave of the Sorcerers. Beren was very upset when the Avatar caused the death of Bane, but bowed to the victor, after Malchir was defeated and killed in a duel.

Alternatively, Beren was pleased when Avatar caused the death of Vardion, instead of Bane. This implies Beren has feelings for Bane but this isn't pursued further.

Trivia Edit

  • Beren's method of justice is really extreme, and a warning to players, that Pagan isn't to be joked with.

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