Betra, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Terfin

Betra is a wingless Gargoyle working as the provisioner on Terfin.

In Ultima VII, he speaks with the Avatar most graciously, directing him or her to Teregus or Forbrak for more information about the settlement. He mentions Terfin as being uniquely a Gargish town, and talks about the racial tensions between the Gargoyles and humans on the mainland - talking about the irony of Vesper having so many problems with racial conflict, being the only city with near equal Gargoyle and human populations.

If asked about Quaeven's intentions to recruit him to the Fellowship, Betra will indicate his resistance to the idea and affirm his faith in the Gargish principles, in which he finds contentment. He will express his fondness for Quaeven, but will state his belief that the happiness he found was not caused by the Fellowship, and that Quaeven is being misled by them. He further describes the Fellowship as deceitful.

He will admit, if questioned, that he's heard rumors of a conspiracy to destroy the altars to the Three Principles, and will indicate that Sarpling, a Fellowship member, is the only gargoyle aside from himself with the needed equipment to carry out such an undertaking.

Trivia Edit

  • Betra translates to "Small Valor" in Gargish.

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