Blackrock Sword

The Blackrock Sword, not to be confused with the Black Sword, is a weapon of truly fantastic strength. Made from the substance blackrock, this one-handed sword is much stronger than its size indicates. One strike is enough to slay most lesser foes, and even stronger foes won't last long.


From the south has come the rumor of a smith who can temper and shape the densest blackrock into a blade. Found deep below ground, blackrock has defied the hottest smithies and the mightest hammers. While no example has appeared in the northern lands, the rumor persists among travelers from the south. Little is known of the magic contained in blackrock, save that it has an appetite for living energy in both the attacker and the attacked.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • Actually getting this weapon in the time of Ultima IX is quite difficult. The Avatar first has to talk with the trainer in Castle Britannia and the blacksmith of Britain to learn of the blacksmith Rupert in Trinsic, who uses unusual materials. Then in Trinsic, the Avatar has to give the blacksmith three pieces of blackrock and 7000 Gold Pieces. However, the blacksmith will claim that it didn't work. Only after the shrine is cleansed he'll give the Avatar the sword and 2000 gold pieces refund.
  • The damage of this weapon is 90(min) - 110(max).

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