Blacktooth, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Blacktooth is a retired pirate living on Buccaneer's Den.

When speaking to him in Ultima VII, Blacktooth at first reacted angry, since Sullivan the fake Avatar had fooled him only recently. However, he did admit that the real Avatar didn't look like a weakling, so he trusted his instincts.

Blacktooth went on to tell how the fake Avatar had tried to cheat him at card games last week, and then had vanished without a trace. He also revealed that he gravely distrusted the Fellowship, especially since they totally changed his old friend Mole into a man he didn't like at all. He became so depressed, that the Avatar thought it best to leave him alone.

However, after speaking with Mole, the Avatar could relay the news that Mole had missed him as well. That helped to raise his spirits, and they became friends again.

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