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Bladed Staff

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Bladed Staff

The bladed staff is a combination of a normal staff and the blade of a scimitar sword. The result is a weapon that can do enormous damage with an impressive reach. However, this staff isn't for beginners, as the risk of injuring oneself is simply too great. Even so, by the time this weapon becomes available, there are typically better weapons already at one's disposal.


The shaft of wood or iron is topped with a curved blade that is often borrowed from a broken sword. The oddness of its shape requires excellent coordination to master, as companions are at risk of injury from an untrained wielder. In the hands of a master, however, the bladed staff can deliver blows as lethal of that of a sword from a distance of several steps.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Trivia Edit

  • In the age of Ultima IX, it was possible to buy the staff in Valoria. However, one could be found early on the fourth level of the dungeon Covetous.
  • The damage of this weapon is 45(min) - 65(max).

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