The Bladeweave Special Move was added during the Mondain's Legacy expansion. Typified as an Elvin special attack, the use of Bladeweave triggers a random special move from the following list:

Bladeweave will not impart a special move that requires any special check (i.e., skill check for Shadowstrike, armed/unarmed, mounted/dismounted) or that is unrelated to bladed weapons (e.g., Double Shot is an Archery move).

This special move can be activated by setting a key macro for the appropriate primary or secondary weapon ability or double-clicking the icon in 2D. The icon will highlight red when activated.

  • Mana Cost: 15

Primary WeaponsEdit

Weapons with a primary ability of Bladeweave require 70 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

  • None

Seconday WeaponsEdit

Weapons with a secondary ability of Bladeweave require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

See AlsoEdit

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