• Words of Power: IN POR
  • Reagents: SS, BM
  • Circle: 3rd

The Blink spell, also called Teleport, is truly an interesting spell. Casting it allows the caster's party to teleport to a distant location in the direction they are looking. The party must land on mostly level ground such as grass or swamp, otherwise the spell will simply fizzle out.

Using this spell can open many interesting shortcuts.


Many are the occasions that the thaumaturge needs to be elsewhere in very short order and finds that neither horse nor ship nor any other conventional form of travel is of sufficient promptness for the situation. Magical means of travel must then be used, of which the Blink spell is the most common. This spell disassembles the mage and companions and reassembles them at a spot many leagues distant in any chosen direction. There are means of travel that cover far greater distances than the Blink, but they are far more costly and have other limitations which we shall examine later in this tome. The Blink can only move the party distances perceptible to the mind of a common person. The components needed for the casting of a Blink spell are Spider Silk and Blood Moss. The binding powers of the Spider Silk prevent the essence of the travelers from being scattered during transit, while the Blood Moss aids in the movement from one location to the next. Equal quantities of each reagent ensure the proper working of the enchantment. The concentration required for Blinking is such that the spellcaster will most certainly feel the effects, but not be left exhausted.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

In Por teleports an entire party a fair distance in any specified direction. However, incanting this spell during the haste of battle will diminish its effects. It will only remove the caster, and then only to another place on the battlefield. In Por will not transport a party if there is no clear, grassy spot to which the party can be moved. Nor will In Por work in dungeons or in townes, as its energies require a fair bit of open space to operate. The dust for In Por consists of spider silk and fresh young blood moss. The caster must close his eyes and conjure a vision of the current position after the party has left. In a wink, the party will be elsewhere and the vision, reality.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • This spell is absolutely essential for Ultima V. Winning without it is impossible.
  • Erstam writes in Beyond the Serpent Pillars, that the Blink spell is no longer working. Probably just an excuse for a broken spell. Selina's Blink ring has no such problem for her, but the Avatar can't use it.

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