Blog, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Troll
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Pits of Carnage

Blog is a Troll living in the dungeon below the Pits of Carnage, who has a big passion for games.

Blog seemed to have made his home down in the Pits long before the prison started operating. He didn't mind them, but when Dorstag came with a number of men and attacked him, he slew them all and scarred Dorstag's left side of his face as a warning. Since then, no one dared to enter the lower levels.

Meeting the Avatar in Ultima Underworld II in his "House of Games", Blog was happy to finally have someone to play his game with. Blog explained the rules of his game, which involved white and black stones, to the Avatar. However, the Avatar had something even better for Blog: a gray stone. Blog was so happy that he now could create many new games with that one, that he declared the Avatar his friend.

Should Dorstag still have the Blackrock Gem, the Avatar could now ask Blog to help in the matter. Returning to Dorstag, the Avatar demanded the gem. Right then, Blog showed up and forced Dorstag to surrender it to his new friend.

He was later found dreaming in the purple zone of the Ethereal Void, where he gave his new friend some tips on how to master this particular zone.

Trivia Edit

  • Alternatively, the player can let Blog win some rounds of his game to let him become friendly with the Avatar.

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