Blorn, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Blorn is a troublemaker and generally unpleasant person living in Vesper.

The Avatar had already heard a lot of negative things about Blorn in Ultima VII, so when meeting the man in Vesper, it came as no surprise that he was very unpleasant to the Avatar. He didn't want to reveal anything about himself, but once Gargoyles were mentioned, he became more talkative.

He wanted to know if the Avatar liked Gargoyles, and if the Avatar pretended not to, knowing of Blorn's hatred, Blorn became less hostile. Blorn would even task the Avatar to return a locket from a Gargoyle named Lap-Lem, claiming that Lap-Lem had attacked him and stolen the locket. Blorn even suggested killing the Gargoyle.

However, when speaking to Lap-Lem, it became clear that Blorn had stolen the locket from Lap-Lem, causing the Gargoyle to try and get back his property. So the Avatar demanded the locket back from Blorn, who from that point on hated the Avatar with a passion for being a "Gargoyle-lover".

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