Using an Axe, a Lumberjack can chop Logs, which in turn can be used to produce wooden Boards. Beginning Lumberjacks will only be able to harvest plain wood, but with practice, they can extract types that come with special properties. Elves enjoy a racial bonus for finding such logs. These colored logs are used by carpenters and fletchers for a variety of crafting purposes.

Whenever a tree refreshes after being harvested from, there is a slight chance it will change resource type. For example, a tree that yielded Bloodwood today might give plain wood tomorrow, and vice versa. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to revisit a tree until the type changes.

Making Boards

Logs weigh two stones each, but can be converted to boards by using an Axe type item on them. Boards are just as useful but only weigh a single stone.

Colored logs require high levels of Carpentry or Lumberjacking skill to trim down into boards and the minimum skill requirements for each type are listed in the table below.

Unlike the smelting of mined ore there is no chance of failure; you either have the skill level required and it works, or you don't and it doesn't.

Wood Types

Note that the skill levels listed here relate to those required to harvest logs and/or convert them to boards. For the skill levels required to create other items from colored woods, refer to the Carpentry and/or Bowcraft & Fletching pages.

Wood Skill Equipment Physical resist icon Fire resist icon Cold resist icon Poison resist icon Energy resist icon Total Other



0 Armor 0 0 0 0 0 0  
Shield 0 0 0 0 0 0  


File:Boards (Oak).png

65 Armor 3 3 0 2 3 11 40 Luck
Shield 1 1 1 1 1 5  
Weapon 40 Luck, 5% Damage Increase


File:Boards (Ash).png

80 Armor 4 2 4 1 6 17 20% Lower Requirements
Shield         3 3
Weapon 10% Swing Speed Increase, 20% Lower Requirements


File:Boards (Yew).png

95 Armor 6 3 3 0 3 15 1 Hit Point Regeneration
Shield 3         3
Weapon 5% Hit Chance Increase, 10% Damage Increase


File:Boards (Bloodwood).png

100 Armor 3 8 1 3 3 18 2 Hit Point Regeneration
Shield   3       3 40 Luck, 2 Hit Point Regeneration
Weapon 2 Hit Point Regeneration, 16% Hit Life Leech 1


File:Boards (Heartwood).png

100 Armor 2 3 2 7 2 16 Random Property (see note)
Shield           0
Weapon Random Property (see note)


File:Boards (Frostwood).png

100 Armor 2 1 8 3 4 18  
Shield     3     3 Spell Channeling, -1 Faster Casting
Weapon 40% Cold Damage, 12% Damage Increase
Wood Skill Equipment Physical resist icon Fire resist icon Cold resist icon Poison resist icon Energy resist icon Total Other

1 The life leech does not stack with existing imbued leech.

Heartwood Properties

The Heartwood random property is different for each type of equipment.

  • Armor - Luck 40, Durability 50%, Lower Requirements 20%, Damage Increase 10%, Lower Weight 50%, Hit Chance Increase 5%, Mage Armor
  • Shield - Dexterity Bonus 2, Strength Bonus 2, Physical Resist 5%, Reflect Physical Damage 5%, Self Repair 2, Cold Resist 3%, Spell Channeling
  • Weapon - Luck 40, Durability 50%, Lower Requirements 20%, Swing Speed Increase 10%, Lower Weight 75%, Hit Chance Increase 5%, Hit Life Leech (variable), Luck 10

Tests have shown that all wooden shields found as loot on creatures can be enhanced with Heartwood. However, repeated attempts often have to be made.

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