Bollux, from Ultima VII
Species: Golem
Ultima VII
Location: Isle of Fire

Bollux is the older of the two Golem brothers that Astelleron created on the Isle of Fire so that he wouldn't any longer be lonely. Being his first creation, Astelleron hadn't perfected the process yet, so Bollux is not as intelligent as his brother (But he's not stupid, only a bit of a simpleton).

Either on Astelleron's command or on the Shrine's command, Bollux and his brother Adjhar guarded the entrance in the Castle of Fire to the three shrines. They constantly ignored Erethian, as he didn't try to enter. However, when Dracothraxus attacked the castle, a wall fell on Adjhar and he was shattered. Grieving, Bollux took his dead brother back to the hut of the late Astelleron.

The Avatar found him there in Ultima VII. Promising to help, the Avatar received a book about the Stone of Castambre from Bollux, which gave details at what to do. However, one thing, a golem heart, was still missing. So in an act of sacrifice, Bollux ripped out his own heart to resurrect Adjhar. This sacrifice was unneccassary, as Adjhar found out how he could've been revived without it. So the Avatar used this method to revive Bollux as well.

Once revived and re-united with his brother, Bollux resumed his duties.

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