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Holding a Boomerang

A boomerang is a weapon used by the gargoyles in Ultima VI. Unlike the real-world boomerang, the gargish version returns to the wielder even when it successfully hits its target. In Ultima VI it is a one-handed missile weapon and can also be used by the Avatar's party.

They also appear in Savage Empire, as a weapon exclusively used by the Pindiro Tribe.

By Ultima VII, all kinds of scroundels also use boomerangs as weapons and the weapon again can be looted from their corpses. Also, a new kind of boomerang appears, the magic boomerang, which is better than a normal one, but still rather weak compared to other ranged weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Boomerangs cannot be purchased in Ultima VII, not even from the gargoyles.

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