Boots, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Boots is the chef cook of Castle Britannia. She is married to Benny and is the mother of Charles and Nell.

The Avatar found her in the castle kitchen in Ultima VII. She talked in detail about the meals served in the morning and the evening, describing the various foods she made, adding that some of these were family recipes. When asked about her husband, she admitted that he became more and more forgetful, remembering how Benny had ruined Lord British's dinner with far too much Garlic. She also mentioned how her husband forgot to get enough mutton from the slaughterhouse in Paws, adding that she'd be glad to buy mutton, if the Avatar had some.

Boots did retire together with her husband in the following year, as mentioned in Ultima Underworld II, with Nell taking her position. During the time of the game, she'd taken the children of the castle to an excursion to Paws, much to Nanna's relief.

Trivia Edit

  • Boots pays 5 Gold Coins for each mutton the Avatar brings to her.

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