This article is about a character from Ultima VII. For the Ultima IV character, see Boris (U4).

Boris, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Boris is the keeper of the Modest Damsel tavern in New Magincia and is married to the mayor, Magenta.

When first meeting him in Ultima VII, Boris at first noticed Dupre and reminded him of his still-unpaid tab. Thankfully the Avatar paid Dupre's debt. Boris then went on to talk first about his job, offering room, food and drinks, before revealing that he was a real spring of information about the inhabitants of New Magincia.

He told the Avatar especially much about his wife, Constance and Henry, also had only good words for Katrina. However, he became strangely defensive once the three strangers Robin, Battles and Leavell were mentioned, saying he didn't really wish for such customers.

The reason for it became obvious after a hint from Battles. Boris had stolen a locket from Robin, which he in turn had stolen from Henry. Confronted, Boris realised to his horror that the locket was gone when he tried to return it to the Avatar. Turned out that his wife had thought the locket would be for her. Once told it was stolen, she returned it to the Avatar and Boris was now in for a lot of trouble.

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