Borne, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Goblin
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Tarna

Borne is the commander of the Prison Tower on Tarna, and a really nervous Goblin.

Borne had gotten strict orders from the Guardian to keep the Blackrock Gem safe while waiting for an appointed inquisitor to arrive to interrogate Bishop. Borne was also under pressure from Mors Gotha to produce more Fraznium gauntlets. However, when the Avatar spoke to him in Ultima Underworld II, he made the fatal error of confusing the Avatar with the inquisitor. Thus Borne called the Avatar as Lorca Batan, name of the actual inquisitor.

The Avatar played along and pressed information out of Borne, before being given Fraznium gauntlets and a password to "interrogate" Bishop. However, instead the Avatar helped Bishop escape. The Avatar then used the position of inquisitor to press Borne first into giving the password for the keys to the cells from Janar, and then ordered him to hand over the Blackrock Gem, something that Borne gladly did since he feared magic.

When Garg was freed, Borne was killed.

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