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The Breath of Air is one of the five fragments of the great Blackrock Obelisk of Pagan. It is Stratos's object of power.

When the Obelisk was shattered by the Guardian, the Breath of Air landed on Argentrock Isle. Stratos found it there and stored it safely directly on a invisible pedestal beside herself. She used it to direct the powers of healing to her followers, effectively taking the whole population as a hostage. It stayed there, until the Avatar found and took it in Ultima VIII. This broke the connection of power to her followers.

The Avatar used it then to drain Stratos of her powers. In the end it melted into the other fragments, reforming the Obelisk.


  • It's possible to hang the game when you acquire the Breath of Air. Using it on Stratos will prematurely teleport the Avatar to the Ethereal Void.
  • Taking the Breath of Air from Stratos severs the link between her and her worshippers, thus rendering them incapable of using their healing magic. Stellos dies as a result of this.

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