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This map shows Britain in the labeled version. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Britain labeled

Listed below are the labels:

  1. Bard's Guild
  2. Trainer: Jimmy Locks, Disarm Traps, Rapid Strike
  3. Park
  4. Fagles' home
  5. Silvy and Shivan's home
  6. Horseyard
  7. Wine Cellar
  8. Inn: The Wayfarer
  9. Antos and Eb's home
  10. Home of the lady who spends her whole day at the inn talking to Greyson
  11. Thom's home
  12. Guard-tower
  13. Justin's home
  14. Donya's home
  15. Terrance's home
  16. Cabbage and corn-field
  17. Storage booths
  18. Oreste's home
  19. Jeweler
  20. Shipyard
  21. Docks
  22. Provisions
  23. Salan's home
  24. Clothier
  25. Iolo's Bows
  26. Pavilion
  27. Toymaker
  28. Trainer: Battle Focus and Recovery
  29. Gustavo's home
  30. Cemetery
  31. Tika's home
  32. Lord Petyr's home
  33. Gwenneth & Gwenno's home
  34. Miranda's home
  35. Apple orcharhd