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The Britannian Tax Council was the government agency in Britannia responsible for calculation and collection of taxes from Britannian citizens and businesses. It has its headquarters in Britain.

While such an agency is, of course, needed in every state that wants to finance itself, in Ultima VII taxation became excessive. According to Nanna, the middle and lower classes suffered the greatest tax burden. Taxes were also openly misused to maintain the residences of the rich people.

The most visible example of the Council's injustice is the case of Murray and Myrtle in Yew. They had literally lost their shirts to the Council and lived as nudists in the Bee Cave. They also constantly threatened to ruin the Artisan's Guild with high taxes and made Garok Al-Mat go into hiding.

Trivia Edit

  • Patterson was the president of the Tax Council and a member of the Fellowship. There are subtle clues that he used his position on the Council to the Fellowship's advantage.

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